A new garden project

In the coming weeks, I will start working on a new project in the garden to remove the polytunnel and in its place erect two more greenhouses. One greenhouse will be just like the two I already have and therefore form a row of three. The second one will be a large greenhouse (10 feet by 20 feet) which will go in the gap between the shed and the other greenhouses 😃

I was very lucky to source the greenhouses second hand and therefore saved a lot of money but they will need a bit of tidying up and repair work to re-erect them. Why move the polytunnel? Well it is in a shaded area which means that one side of the tunnel in particular suffers from a lack of light.

My intention with the large greenhouse is to build a huge potting bench running along one side so that pots and compost can be stored there and then grow grapes and peppers on the other side 🍇🌶️ I hope to capture it all in a series of videos and reels 😃🎥