A tipple of home brew!

Shwmae everyone, I hope you’ve had the opportunity to make homemade jam with soft fruits from the garden this week.

One of my favourite things to make with a good crop of fruit from the garden is homemade cordial, wine or adding fruit to flavour gin or vodka. There is nothing better after a hard day working in the garden than enjoying a homemade drink. Here are a few simple recipes to help you make your own drinks at home.

Gooseberry Gin

• 200g Gooseberries

• 2 tbsp of sugar

• 1 litre of gin of your choice

Wash the gooseberries thoroughly.

Put the gooseberries in a large jug or jar, add the sugar and gin and mix well.

Cover with a lid and let it sit for at least 3 weeks.

Stir/shake occasionally (this is not essential, I often forget to do this!)

Pour your gin into sterilised bottles.

Your gin is now ready to enjoy.  The gin will keep until you drink it all!

You can customize this recipe with fruit and spirits of your choice e.g. Vodka and Blackberries.

Homemade Ribena or Blackcurrant Cordial

• 500g blackcurrants

• 1kg sugar

• 1.5 litres of water

• 2 whole lemons, cut into slices

• 50g citric acid

Remove the stems of the blackcurrants and wash thoroughly.

Put the blackcurrants, sugar, water and citric acid into a saucepan and heat slowly.

Simmer for 10 minutes until the sugar has completely dissolved. Then, add the lemon slices.

Leave the cordial to cool for at least 30 minutes.

Pour the liquid through fine towel or muslin cloth into sterile glass bottles.

Keep in the fridge or in a cool dark cupboard and it should keep for up to a year.

To drink, pour a little into a glass and add water (similar to squash).

You can customize this recipe with fruit of your choice e.g. strawberry and lemon or apple and lime cordial.

I hope you will have the opportunity to try one of these recipes and remember to share your pictures with me by following @adamynyrardd on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.