Climbing frame for runner beans

The bamboo and timber frames as seen in the photo are a great way to grow all types of climbing plants or crops without sacrificing too much space in the beds.

For construction, you will need 2.4m bamboo sticks, 38 x 19 mm wood, 25 flat drill bit for treated wood and decking screws.

1) Firstly, measure how much space you have for the frame.

2) Measure and cut two long pieces of wood 38mm x 19mm (or 2 “x 1”) to create posts so that each side is about 2m high.

3) Place the two pieces of wood in the ground so that they stand upright at the same height, (if you have a wooden bed around them like in my case, screw the wood into the bed to strengthen).

4) Measure the gap between the two posts and then cut one piece of wood 38mm x 19mm ready to create a bridge from post to post.

5) Drill holes every 15cm down this piece of wood (or something similar depending on the length of your frame).

6) Then screw this piece onto the top of the two posts.

7) Push the bamboo sticks down through each hole in the wood and into the ground (try to push them well into the soil).

And that’s it, you’ve built a strong frame that will be perfect for growing Runner beans, Sweet Peas, Peas, Squash, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and all kinds of climbing plants.

Enjoy the gardening!