Courgettes are easy to grow, easy to cook and easy to eat. Last year, we had unpredictable weather when we had a few weeks of wet weather and then a few days of intense heat – this really helped the courgettes and we had a great crop.

We love eating roasted courgettes or we sometime make courgetti which we’d have with some fish and a bit of lemon.

One important tip if you’re growing courgettes is to make sure you harvest them every other day if possible – even the little ones! Make sure you don’t let one grow too big into Marrow … That’s enough to slow down the plant and stop it producing more fruit.

If you have Marrows already, you can use it in a curry or you could create a very strong liqueur with it by cutting a hole in the top, removing the center and fill it with sugar. Leave it for a few weeks to ripen and sweeten and there you have it, a lovely drink!