Dere i Dyfu – Children’s Gardening Book

Dere i dyfu (Let’s grow) 😀

My first children’s gardening book is about to be published and I can’t wait to hold a hard copy of the book in my hand 😁

The book shares information on how to grow seeds, flowers, fruits and vegetables as well as gardening in a caring way for nature 😁 Dewi Draenog (the hedgehog) is an old hand in the garden but Beca Broga (the frog) wants to learn more 🦔🐸

Many thanks to Y Lolfa for all your support and for giving me a great opportunity to fulfil a dream of writing and publishing gardening content in Welsh. Thank you to the wonderful artist Ali Lodge for the lovely colourful pictures and to Tanwen Haf for designing it all.

You can buy your copy now in any local Welsh book shop or by visiting our Etsy shop.