Gardening for the soul

Sowing seeds sparks so much hope! I think back to the first time I planted seeds, at 3 years old and seeing the little green leaves peeping through the soil and feeling so excited that I had brought something new to the world.

I remember being amazed that it was possible to grow something from a tiny grain, watch it develop into a delicate seedling and then looking after it, watching it grow and witnessing the whole cycle, from the beginning to germination to flowering. Then winter comes along and the cycle would start again.

This plant is spinach and I have planted it in the garden ready to have a fresh crop in the coming months. So much hope comes from this little plant and it also lifts my spirits.

If you are currently looking for an escape from the world, join me and start gardening. We create hope by having faith in tomorrow – and that is essentially gardening for me.