Good Friday

It’s Good Friday and a traditional day for planting potatoes in our family 😊

I’ve planted several buckets of potatoes and some in the soil as well. I will always plant potatoes on Good Friday to keep the old tradition going! My grandfather and his neighbours in Glanaman would always plant potatoes on Good Friday, do you do this as well?

There is no specific horticultural reason bearing in mind that the date changes every year but generally it falls at the perfect time to plant potatoes and as there would be no work on the bank holiday it would be a perfect day to get the garden ready for the upcoming season 😊

It is important to adapt and change our gardening methods according to the information available but it is equally important to maintain tradition and remember so many important gardening practices that were once an integral part of our lives in Wales!

Oh to see a day again when most people grow their own vegetables at home🥕🥔🥦 Happy and blessed Good Friday to you all 🧑‍🌾