Green Pumpkins!

This is the result of planting my pumpkins in too late and my payback is that they are late maturing and are still green in November.

Don’t worry, they can be tricked to turn orange by following the following steps:

1) If you have any left in the garden or fields, make sure you collect them before the frost gets to them which can cause them to split / soften.

2) If you want to keep them for a long time, make sure you keep their stalk nice and long – you  don’t want to cut the stalk too short otherwise they will need to be eaten straight away!

3) Bring them into the house or on a warm shelf in the greenhouse (during the day). They need heat and light to mature and unfortunately the November sun is not as good as September and October.

4) Turn the pumpkin about three times a day so that all the skin is exposed to the sun. In two weeks they will be orange and mature.

As simple as that! We carved a green pumpkin for Halloween this year… better than nothing!