Growing potateos in buckets

These are early ‘Nadine’ potatoes which are perfect for salads during the summer.

Two years go, I decided that I would stop growing potatoes in the soil but instead follow the SimplifyGardening method of planting potatoes in buckets and I can truly vouch for this as the crop/yeild of potatoes I have had since converting to this has been so much better!

I was so pleased with how well these Nadine potatoes grew last year despite having a long spell of dry weather and I had to water these often! This in an important gardening tip – make sure you don’t let your potatoes dry out too much or you will end up with very small potatoes!

The only downside to growing potatoes in buckets rather than straight in the ground is that they need to be watered more often, however having a lovely crop of potatoes from the buckets in the summer makes it all worth it!