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Welcome to Adam yn yr ardd’s website. Adam Jones is an experienced gardener from West Wales who advocates organic and nature-friendly gardening. Adam shares his life in the garden on Instagram (@adamynyrardd) and offers services to support new and experienced gardeners in their garden. On this website, you will have access to gardening learning resources, blogs full of basic advice to help you in the garden as well as information about the services offered. These services include garden consultations, training, public speaking and media contributions. Adam is bilingual and all resources/services are available in Welsh, English or bilingually.


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Recent Blog Articles

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Sustainable gardening is very important to me, especially in relation to protecting nature and the important habitats that are all …


It’s been a really good season for making passata or tomato sauce The warm sunshine and the recent dry …

Bees & Pollen

The video of the pollen below is impressive. Look at all the different colours shared between the cells! The bees …

Romanesco Broccoli

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August – the second spring

It’s the perfect time to start sowing salads and crops for winter and spring next year. I’ve sowed lettuce, radicchio, …