Homegrown Flowers

There are so many benefits to growing our own cut flowers at home. One of the main advantages is that it reduces our carbon footprint by not relying on imported flowers.

A home-grown bouquet of flowers is a wonderful and personal gift for a special occasion and dried flower petals can be used as wedding confetti.

For our wedding in 2019, we picked flowers from the garden to make small bouquets in milk bottles and dotted them around the venue. We also dried petals from flowers in the garden, particularly sweet peas, and used them as confetti and it really was perfect for us 😊

Here’s a video about growing your own cut flowers. Making these little changes in our day-to-day lives is so beneficial for nature and pollinators, lovely to have in our homes and is much more environmentally friendly.

More on the Growing the Future project: https://botanicgarden.wales/science/growing-the-future/.