How to sow tomato seeds?


Did you know that tomato plants can be grown outdoors in Wales? You don’t always need a greenhouse or polytunnel to grow tomatoes successfully. Heat helps greatly when growing tomatoes, but sunshine is most important. You need around 8 hours of daylight in midsummer to get the best crops, so make sure you plant them in a sunny place in the garden.

March is the perfect time to sow tomato seeds in readiness for the new growing season and in this clip I filmed for the Welsh language Daily Magazine Programme ‘Prynhawn Da’ I guide us through the process of sowing tomato seeds, step by step:

Adam yn yr Ardd

Dyma Adam yn yr Ardd yn dangos i ni sut ma tyfu tomato 🍅 Adam yn yr ardd

Posted by Prynhawn Da S4C on Dydd Mawrth, 9 Mawrth 2021