Planting Kohlrabi in the rain. Last summer was the first time I attempted to grow Kohlrabi and I really enjoyed its taste, therefore I decided to grow more over the winter.

There are so many different things you can cook with Kohlrabi. It has a similar taste to cabbage and you can also use it as a good substitute for chips if you want to cut down on those carbohydrates for example or just fancy a change.

They grow well during the autumn and spring months when temperatures are not too high and they keep well in the garden during the winter.

This was the third crop of vegetables I managed to grow in this bed last year! I started off with Kale Nero in spring followed by Broccoli and then Kohlrabi; that’s one advantage of using the no dig system and there’s no need for crop rotation either, just put a fresh layer of compost on the top of the bed and you can plant new plants straight into the bed.