Make a mess to start with…

Often when we are changing something in the garden or planning a new section, we are very conservative and afraid to change things too much in case we create a mess that can’t be tidied up or rectified! This can restrict us from not developing the garden that we truly want to create.

I waited almost 5 years before removing an old concrete path and wall in the garden for these exact reasons, I was scared to make a real mess of things. As you can see in the picture, at one point the garden was more like the Somme, the mini digger stuck in the clay and no greenhouses, paths or vegetable beds anywhere to be seen.

Despite the mess and destruction that came for the first 3 months after beginning the work, today I have vegetable beds packed with food, dry paths, flower borders and a space that I’m very happy with!

So go for it, don’t be afraid to break the ground and make a right old mess to begin with in your quest to create the garden you really want and need ☺️🧑🏻‍🌾