Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum)

Mashua grows much like the Nasturtium and belongs to the same family but unlike the nasturtium forms edible tubers beneath the soil. It comes originally from the Andes in South America where it grows alongside other tubers such as the Oca and the Ulluco.

This is the first year we have grown them after being given tubers from generous neighbors and they have grown wild all over these frames 🤣 It’s a pleasure to see them at the moment mind, they have grown into a colourful green and orange wall at a time when everything else is dying back. All parts of the plants can be eaten, the leaves, flowers and tubers and you can keep some tubers aside ready to plant next year 😀👌

They can’t cope with hard frosts but with the mild autumn weather this year they are growing exceptionally well. They are part of the master plan of being as self-sufficient as possible because they are ready to harvest during November and December and a very good substitute for potatoes, thus giving us more food choices during winter 😊

Do you grow unusual crops in the garden?