Onions: Sets or seeds? I plant onions every year in the form of sets and seeds and still cannot decide which way is better. Planting sets is easier in terms of ensuring a good crop without too many problems but can be more expensive and also limits the choice of specific varieties. Sowing seeds is cheap and offers all kinds of onions but means a little more effort and care to ensure a good crop.

I am growing several different varieties this year including:

  • Bedfordshire Champion (old favourite)
  • Yellow Rynsburger (reportedly particularly good storage, new for us this year)
  • Liria (another one new to us this year)
  • Carmen (red)
  • Zebrune (shallots)
  • Stuttgarter (grown since childhood)
  • Ishikura (salad and pickled onions)

I will only grow the Stuttgarter from sets this year!