Refilling the greenhouse

The greenhouse is refilling once again full of plant cuttings ready to fill the borders next year 😀 September is a perfect time to propagate plants by making cuttings. It is a great way to protect tender plants which can die off if the winter is cold. Plants such as Geraniums, Trailing Nepeta and Lavender for example.

Creating cuttings can bring the greatest urge and addiction to create hundreds and hundreds of plants and if most succeed and take root we will have lots of new plants 🤣 So far I have made cuttings of: Lavender, Pelargonium, Nepeta, all types of Salvia, Verbena, Penstemon, Calibrachoa, Rosemary, Thyme, Hydrangea, Saxifrage, Michaelsmas daisy and many more will join soon! There is great pleasure to be had in creating new plants for free and saving money 🌱