Children’s Gardening Book

My First Children’s Gardening Book

“Many creatures live in the garden. Each one of them are important. Dewi Draenog and Beca Broga live happily in the garden. Dewi Draenog is a brilliant gardener and there’s nothing he loves more than growing flowers, vegetables and fruits. Beca Broga want’s to be a brilliant gardener as well. Do you? Let’s get growing”

The book shares information about sowing seeds, growing vegetables, fruits and flowers and gardening in a nature-friendly way.

Dewi Draenog is an old hand in the garden and Beca Broga is keen to learn more from Dewi.

You can buy your copy of the book in Welsh bookshops or directly from us by emailing or by visiting our Etsy shop.

If you have any questions about the book or would like to organise a school visit/gardening workshop with a community group, please get in touch!

Here’s a sneek peak: