Tafarn y Vale

I’ve had a wonderful afternoon in Ystrad Aeron at Tafarn y Vale holding a gardening Q&A during their first gardening festival ☺️🌻πŸ₯• It’s an exciting story! This gem of a community pub aspires to grow their own fruits and vegetables to serve with meals in the future πŸ‘Œ

Today was a great opportunity to meet new faces and new Welsh speakers who came to immerse themselves in the sound of the Welsh language (or the sound of me on my organic/no-dig gardening soap box πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ).

Some of the crew had joined following a gardening weekend to learn Welsh in Llanbed. Among them was Wyverne, all the way from Brisbane, Australia! Let no one say that the Welsh language is useless beyond our communities – it is a language that unites people from all over the world in their love and affection for Wales!

What a brilliant day!