The Greenhouse

The greenhouse is jam packed with seedlings. I still have a load to sow and transplant and not enough space … this happens every year! I insist on saying every spring that I will only grow enough without going OTT and always reach April wondering where everything will grow for the rest of the season… It’s part of the fun!

Spring can be a challenging time for gardeners at times especially with the difference between midday and midnight temperatures so noticeable, often a 20°C difference.

Here are some simple tips to help you during this busy and exciting time:

  1. Open the greenhouse/coldframe doors or windows during the day. If you have propagators, lift them off the pots during the day.
  2. Water in the morning rather than in the evening to prevent soil cooling and plant disease such as damping off.
  3. If the weather forecast shows that temperatures will drop below 5°C overnight, cover the delicate plants under a newspaper or horticultural fleece to keep the frost off the leaves.
  4. Place your seedlings in an obvious and visible place so you will see them every day. Seedlings are extremely sensitive to all kinds of change so it is important that we keep a close eye on them especially during the first few weeks.