The Signpost

The new signpost is up in the garden. This was a birthday gift from my wife Sara back in April 2020. Although the vegetable garden is a very practical place, I firmly believe it is important to include things that draw the eyes or mean something to us personally!

The places on this signpost are all important to me;

Glanaman: Where I grew up and spent over 20 very happy years. That’s where the gardening started in a small garden that felt huge when I was only 3 years old.

Carmarthen: This is where my special wife Sara grew up and where most of her family call home. An extremely important town for the history and development of Wales.

Betws – Y Byd: A funny saying from the Amman Valley, yet another very big part of who I am today. The Amman Valley is also the valley where most of my family still live.

Aberystwyth: I spent 3 happy years at Aberystwyth University studying Welsh and German  where I met special people who are now lifelong friends.

I’m sure I could add several more places to this signpost in the future. Basically, the main message is ownership. Own your gardens, make it your own and include what’s important to you!