🌷Planting Tulips🌷

Today, I planted 4 troughs full of new tulips for the garden 😃 The contrast between planting bulbs, new life, at a time when the mind and the weather often encourages us to slow down and snuggle up inside always amazes me 😯

I’m prepared to accept that this year’s growing season has come to its end and the garden is starting to quieten down, yet these tulips demand to be different and are starting to embark on a real journey 🌱 They will grow slowly under the cold and damp soil ready to cheerfully emerge in April and insist on stealing all the attention in the garden 🌷

Growing spring bulbs is something we can all do! They grow particularly well in pots and the period between now and Christmas is a perfect time to plant all types of bulbs such as tulips, allium and muscari 😃