Update from the Apriary

A very interesting day at the apiary today 😁🐝

While inspecting the hives, something special happened before our eyes… one of the hives started swarming. Swarming is the process when the old queen leaves the hive with a swarm of bees to create a new colony leaving about half of the bees behind with a new queen. This is how a colony of bees will reproduce and multiply 😊

As a beekeeper it is important to try to prevent the bees from swarming and to ensure that we split them before that happens and to create new hives. This is what we did with this hive about three weeks ago but without realising there were still two queen cells (with Queen eggs) left and so they decided to swarm today!

It was pure luck that we were there at the right time to watch it all and see where they were going to catch them and return them to a new beehive 🐝😃