Watering from the bottom up

Knowing how to water correctly is one of the most important gardening skills and there are many different ways to do it.

One good way is to place plants in a waterproof tray as you can see in this picture.

Pour the water into the tray, enough so that all pots are in contact with the water. It’s also important not to over-water and one good way to check this is to use your finger to measure the moisture.

Push your finger into the soil and if its clean with no pieces of soil on it, you will need to water. If your finger has damp soil on it, the plant is moist and doesn’t need watering.

Watering plants from the bottom up keeps the roots moist, especially larger plants that need a lot of water. It also means we don’t wash the minerals from the compost / soil while watering and save the amount of water that we use in the garden. Another advantage is being able to water at any time of the day without worrying about the strength of the sun and attracting slugs in the evenings!