Building a Raised Bed

Many have asked how I built my raised beds, so here is my step-by-step guide:

I used 9×2” wooden joists to create these beds but you can use 6×2” too as you don’t need a great depth to grow vegetables, especially if the beds sit on top of soil as in my case.

I used 150 mm long Hex 6.7 screws and put two screws in each corner.

I wanted to ensure that the beds were level, therefore I hammered small wooden posts (2×2”) into the ground at each corner of beds, raised/lowered the bed as needed and screwed them into the posts using decking screws.

My beds are about 3m long and 1.5m wide. To support the beds and stop bowing, I put an iron rod or ‘threaded rod’ in the middle of the bed and bolted it at either side of the bed – this also helps keep the frame fairly square.

They need to be painted with Ronseal or Cuprinol Timbercare paint to preserve the wood – we usually do this every other year.

In total, this cost approximately £500 to build 14 beds as I had used ‘factory seconds’ (timber that’s not considered good enough for construction but is perfect for vegetable beds) and they are now entering their fourth year and are as good as new.