Bumper apple crop

The apple trees are sagging under the weight of one of the best apple crops I’ve ever seen 🍏 It is a very good year for them this year for many reasons. Firstly no late frosts to damage the buds this year. Secondly the unusually dry spring also meant that there was plenty of opportunity for the bees and other pollinators to pollinate every flower under the sun (literally)!

I feel very nostalgic when it comes to apples, from growing, harvesting and cooking them! Indeed we have so many sayings and proverbs about them in Welsh, roughly translated:

  • There is no sweet apple on a sour tree
  • Apples of the night, nuts of the morning, if you care for your health
  • The biggest apple is the most rotten at heart
  • A rotten apple is the evil of friends.

Do you have sayings about apples and what are their meanings?