Growing Basil

Here is the basil growing well in the greenhouse and almost ready to be transfered into larger pots. Would you like to grow basil?

Here are 5 simple tips on how to grow basil successfully:

1) Basil needs a sunny place to grow so make sure you plant it in a sunny corner of the garden or on a window shelf that gets plenty of sunlight.

2) You can grow basil in a small pot or tub at the side of the house. I like to recycle old tins and plant the basil into the house.

3) Make sure you never let the plant dry out! Although basil doesn’t need too much water, making sure they have enough moisture is key.

4) Remember to prune your basil every two weeks so that the plant does not ripen and flower. This will ensure that you have basil leaves over a long period of time.

5) You can feed the basil with organic fertilizer occasionally but don’t overdo it. Giving it too much nourishment can create a load of growth that lacks flavour.