Growing salads

Although salads are mostly associated with summer time, salad leaves can also be grown just as easily over the winter months.

As seen in the photo, the endives have grown really well in the polytunnel since September.

They have provided us with fresh salad leaves throughout the winter. Growing salad leaves during the winter is very beneficial for the environment as we do not need to rely on food imported by air which is particularly prevalent this time of year.

Why not plan to grow winter salads this year? They will need to be sown during August / September ready for harvest from November onwards.

You can easily grow the following salad leaves outdoors in Wales:




Pak choi


Beetle Leaves

…and much more!

One of the best things about growing salad leaves is that you can cut the leaves as and when you are ready to eat them and they will be kept fresh in the garden until next time. This is a great way to save money and reduce food wastage!