Plan ahead to save money

Plenty of potted root plants ready to grow before planting in the garden.

We plan to start work on the bottom part of the garden (closest to the house) in the coming months. We have exciting plans to create large borders with traditional cottage plants, more cut flower beds, another small wild nature pond with flowering water plants and a little decking too.

However, to save money I’ve bought loads of perennials in roots as you can see in the photo. Here’s what I’ve got:

4 Delphinium

2 Physalis ‘Chinese Lantern’

2 Spicata larvae (white and pink)

4 Kniphofia ‘Erecta’

6 Lupine fingers

4 Eryngium alpinum

6 Gypsophelia rosea

4 Echincea purpurea

4 Aquilegia

4 Geranium phaeum

40 plants for £ 25! Deal!

Remember, the garden doesn’t have to create a hole in your pocket. By planning ahead, there is an opportunity to enjoy the experience of cultivating your own plants and seeing them grow and mature.