Planting Garlic Cloves

Have you planted your garlic yet? I planted garlic on Sunday, over 100 cloves in total so fingers crossed for a good crop next year 😀

How do I Plant Garlic? Simply make a hole with a dibber or brush handl, about 4/5 inch into the soil. Place the individual cloves, as seen in the bowl here, in the hole with the pointy end or thin piece facing upwards and the flat, square piece facing down. Cover the hole with fresh compost or light soil and leave them until June until they are ready to harvest.

Where can I get garlic cloves? Most garden centers and garden shops should be selling them now. Solent Wight and Germidour are good varieties to plant in Wales 🧄

Can I plant some from the supermarket? Yes, some from the supermarket can be grown but be prepared for mixed results. Many of the garlic bulbs we buy in the shops are imported and are therefore used to growing in warmer and drier gowing conditions than Wales! 🏡

Do you need a vegetable garden to grow garlic? No, not at all, you can grow garlic in pots of compost or soil next to your front door and just remember to water regularly during dry weather 💡

Top tip? Plant the cloves as soon as you can. Although garlic can be planted any time between now and April, remember that garlic requires cold weather to grow well and split the cloves to form a cluster or bulb. Planting the cloves in November will ensure that you give them the best possible chance!

Give it a go and enjoy every second 😃