Securing the future of our garden

A very rare glimpse of the sun tonight!

The garden is full of growth which includes an abundance of weeds as well as crops 🙈 It’s productive and attracts nature but I’m impatiently waiting for nice weather so I can spend some time there in the coming weeks ☀️

It has been a whirlwind of a year and at one point I thought we would lose a very significant part of our garden to the owners of the land that borders on the right! I’m really pleased to share that we have succeeded in securing the garden after a uphill, long and tiresome battle! It has taken the wind out of our sails with developing the garden further but I am looking forward to putting all that behind us and moving forward and rekindling the passion and love I have for this special place 😊

I will highlight some of the details in a blog in the near future but for now – Long live yr Ardd 🥕🥦🧅