The Bullrush

The Bullrush or in Latin, Typha Latifolia.

A perfect plant to create height next to the nature pond. It attracts small birds to roost on and dragonflies to rest on.

We have so many great names in Welsh for this plant, here are some:

Tapr y Dŵr,


Ffon y Plant,

Hesgen Felfedog Fwyaf.

My grandfather called them ‘Cynffon y gath’ which translates to ‘the cat’s tail’. I love seeing the frost thawing on the east side as the sun sets while the west side stays frozen.

I love nature in Wales and our long history of using nature to describe our existence, culture and way of life. We have a Welsh saying, “Darn o dir yn dyst ein bod wedi mynnu byw” which conveys how ‘this piece of land is a testiment of our survival and where we call home’.